The Waggon Uppermill Refurbishment

7 February 2017

Last year one of our projects was the re-vamp of The Waggon Uppermill. The Waggon being a lovely place to start with we had our work cut out! As you can see from the photos below the majority of the interior is based around wood. Creating a bigger job for us in the long run.

Working alongside with one of our main contractors THWG. (Photos provided from THWG.) We had the old place looking better than ever before.

As you can see our job included the making of the bar, doors and windows and much more.

Muse Uppermill Refurbishment

2 March 2017
Compared to our big job at The Waggon Uppermill last year, Muse was a much easier job all round. As

Brewdog Norwich Refurbishment

2 January 2017
It was our pleasure to help with the fittings for Brewdog Norwich, as you can see from the photos below

Zizzi Manchester Refurbishment

5 December 2016
2016 was an exciting year for Zizzi’s opening up new restaurants up and down the country, we had the pleasure

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